WordPress Posts Lock Down


A) Plugin Features

WordPress Posts Lock Down Addon allow super admin to lock down posts from any post type available on your blog,so that the normal user unable edit the post until that respective post is unlocked by admin. For example, I as a super admin want to edit the post,but the same post is edited by the editor, so the conflict take place. If that post is locked, then editor will see a message saying that the post is locked and admin can easily modify post without any conflict.

  1. Lock down posts so that other low user role cannot edit the posts until super admin allow
  2. Support every post types.
  3. Gutenburg Compatible.
  4. Update simple dropdown meta on a post that need to be lock down.
  5. Lock post status will be visible on admin listing of the posts.

B) Installation – top

Installation of the plugin can be done in multiple ways, but we go with the simple one as usual. once you have the zip ready, just need to follow below steps to make the plugin installed and make it activated.

  1. Goto plugins in Admin Panel
  2. Click on Add New and upload the ready zip to install
  3. Once installed, activate the plugin

C) Configuration of the Plugin

Once plugin is activated, Custom field will be created for every post type having a dropdown value to lock or unlock the post.

If the post is locked by admin, then that particular post cannot be edited by any other role like Editor, Author,…. See below screenshot:

WordPress Posts Lock Down - 1


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